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City Limits & ETJ Map

For any Residential or Commercial applicants, please search if your address falls within the FEMA Floodplain by clicking the following:
FEMA Flood Map Service Center: Welcome! If your property falls within the Floodplain and if a structure or land is located, altered, or have its use changed within the Floodplain , you will need to complete the following forms and procedures :

Floodplain Development Permit Application
Floodplain Development Process Key Elements
FEMA Elevation Certificate and Instructions

Please click Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance for information regarding the FEMA requirements. 

Please complete ALL forms that apply to you below. You may email them along with the required documents to

For example: If you fall under Residential for a permit, the city will require ALL the forms under that submittal to start the process. This process will apply to ALL submittals. Any questions regarding the submittal process, please email

Residential Submittal Application & Forms:

Checklist for Residential Plan Review

Minimum Plan Submission Standards

Residential Building Permit Application 

Contractor & Subcontractor Information

Building Permit Form

Structure & Setback Placement

Commercial Submittal Application & Forms:

Checklist for Commercial Plan Review

Minimum Plan Submission Standards

Commercial Building Permit Application

Contractor & Subcontractor Information

Building Permit Form

Structure & Setback Placement

Swimming Pool Submittal Application & Forms:

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Contractor & Subcontractor Information

Building Permit Form

Structure & Setback Placement

Demolition Process:

Demolition Permit Application

Water & Wastewater Tap Request Process:

Water & Wastewater Tap Request Form

Williamson County Fire Marshal Process:

Williamson County Fire Marshal Process & Fees

The City of Thrall and Williamson County have an interlocal agreement to regulate the Fire Code regulations within the City of Thrall. Please click Williamson County Fire Marshal for the permit requirements, fees and processes. 

Site Plans, Construction Plans, & Platting Process:

Please email your inquiry to

Development Ordinances & Fees:

Please click here for a packet of Ordinances for permit and planning process.

Please click
here for our Development Ordnance with a fee schedule

Please click here for our Subdivision Ordinance for plats, plans and sub-division requirements. 

2009 International Building Code
  (You will have to Filter By Year for the Code once you are on the site.)
2009 International Residential Code

If you are interested in moving a home into Thrall, the following steps must be observed:

1. The home must follow all requirements and specifications outlined in the city's Mobile Home Ordinance. Additional requirements for New Manufactured Homes

2. The home must fall within the required setback lines outlined in the city's Building Permit Ordinance as well as the square footage requirements. 

3. A Plan Review will need to be submitted along with a $75 review fee. You will need to provide the following information along with a Residential Building Permit Application: specification information on the exact home you plan to move into the city with the engineering stamp indicating that it meets at least the 2009 International Building Code standards, a diagram of how the home will fit onto the property with regard to setback lines, any other pertinent information. If a variance is requested, it will require approval from the City Council. To be placed on the council agenda, please complete the Agenda Request Form and submit to the City Secretary 4 days prior to the Friday before the City Council Meeting.

4. Once the review is approved, the proper building permits and inspections of any building or enclosure must be purchased before moving the home into the city.
5. All water/sewer deposit and all fees must be paid before moving the home into the city.